August 05, 2009

Today in Play: Playground Magazine features KaBOOM! Nature Built playground

Playground Magazine features KaBOOM! Nature Built playground
The Nature Built playground by KaBOOM! was featured in Playground Magazine on July 27. The article covers the lead up to the build, the building process, and the response to the finished product. It's a great read! Here's a snippet:

"The response to the new playspace so far has been positive, especially for the kids and their leaders. 'I love it,' Coder said. 'I think it opens up more creativity for the kids. I like it better because sometimes play is too structured. This makes it open to being a kid and allowing them to use their imaginations.'"

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Play Days
Thanks so much to these fine folks for spreading the word about Play Days! As if right now, we've got 461 registered Play Days - can we get to 1,000 by the end of the month?

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