July 09, 2009

Today in Play: Community service = free hotel stay!

Play in the news
Now's the time of year when kids are begging to go to the pool...and someone's come up with a creative way to bring pools to surprising locations, like strip malls - make swimming pools out of Dumpsters!

And here's a sweet deal - anyone who's done a day of playground building would qualify, methinks! "Some 50 hotels across the United States are giving away a free night to guests who can prove that they completed at least eight hours of community service between July 1 and Dec. 20."

Mike Lanza, who runs www.playborhood.com, was just profiled in this fantastic article in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Stuart Brown, pioneer researcher on play, was interviewed on American Public Media's "Speaking of Faith" on July 2. You can also check out his talk from the TED conference this past May.

Here's a handy list of 100+ Top Play Resources. Hey, we made the list - cool!

A recent article in Newsweek extols the virtues of free play. YES! Joan Almon, who provided a guest post for us awhile ago, is featured.

KaBOOM! playground builds
North Delridge (Seattle) is looking for additional resources for their upcoming build with KaBOOM! and the Bank of America Foundation.

Here's a nice article about our build with MetLife in Providence, R.I.

Volunteers are needed for Antawn Jamison's playground build in Charlotte.

A Design Day in Raleigh, N.C. was featured in the local newspaper.

Play Days
Ankeny, Iowa - a 2008 Playful City USA community - held its Play Day on July 7.

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