July 23, 2009

Today in Play: Bluetooth-equipped playspaces, Play Days and more!

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Bluetooth-equipped playgrounds for tweens and teens?
I think this idea is fascinating! Bluetooth devices connected to standard playground equipment could enhance the playground experience for tweens and teens.

"[The devices] would allow, for example, the creation of a musical playground in which 'Each augmented playground device is connected to a specific track of a song. Each device can be played like a musical instrument, and each interaction would be different. Whenever there are more than two persons playing, the sound itself develops.

"Or by using a DMX light source, the movement of swings and rockers can be translated into roving spots of light: 'Once a person swings higher the light still moves according to the swing but swings much further, and eventually even crosses the borders of the playground space and moves around on the street.'"

You can read more about this playground innovation - still in the prototype phase - on the Playscapes blog.

Play Days
KaBOOM! Play Days are getting some love in the blogosphere - thanks to these folks for helping to spread the word!
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