August 26, 2010

Three of our favorite Play Days

We love to see Play Day organizers taking advantage of our online tools and resources. We also love to see them go the extra mile. Some are concocting their own creative games and activities, others are energizing the community to improve their playspaces in substantive ways, and yet others are theming their Play Day to reflect local values and traditions. Here are a few of our favorites:

Hayes Valley Farm, a 2.2 acre nonprofit community-run farm in San Francisco, California, is hosting a Play Day on an old freeway! Earlier this year, the city of San Francisco activated an area where old highway ramps once stood for use as a green space, and the community has truly rallied behind the transformation. On their Play Day, organizers will “introduce old-time games that kids played when most families still had connections to farms.” This includes speed harvesting, speed mulching, and Kick the Can Ice Cream, where teams will play with a can filled with ice cream ingredients and then enjoy a frozen treat at the end of the day.

The organizer of Play! Play! Play! in Morgan Hill, California is a photographer who loves taking her kids to the park. She is organizing a Play Day to improve her local playspace. When she applied to the city for park permits and told officials about her Play Day plans, they were very enthusiastic. The parks’ funding had been cut and they were struggling to figure out how to carry on maintenance projects. They are now working together to energize mom groups and organize more Play Days in other parks that need some love.

Hudson Crossing Park in Oswego, Ill. is hosting Kids Go Wild! Family Creek Walk and Clean, an earth-friendly Play Day on a creek. Naturalist Clint Meyer will take Play Day goers up Fox River. While they learn and explore, they will also grab creek trash and compete to see who can find the weirdest stuff!

If you haven't started organizing your Play Day yet, it's time to get cracking!

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