July 19, 2010

Three more ideas for your Play Day

Planning your 2010 Play Day? Every week, we release new and exciting activity cards, which provide twists on classic outdoor games, ideas for playground improvement projects, and other inspiration. Once you register your Play Day on our site, you can access these gorgeous downloadable, printable cards for hours of old-fashioned fun. Here’s a tantalizing preview:


- Draw a large spiral on the ground using chalk.
- Split the spiral into squares so the children can hop from one to the next.  
- There can be as many squares as you like! It's also fun to add antennae and legs to make it look more like a snail.
- Each player should take a pebble and toss it onto the snail to mark the squares that players will have to skip over.
- Then each player takes turns hopping through the squares toward the center of the spiral, skipping over any squares that have a pebble in them.
- If a person steps on a line, or hops onto a square that had a pebble, the person's turn ends of they lose t
- The game continues until all the fish have become seaweed!
- The last fish tagged is the first to act as seaweed for the next round.


Spotlight the importance of play by including a Play-a-Thon in your Play Day. Similar to a walk-a-thon, a Play-a-Thon is an event where kids and adults choose an activity, like playing jumprope, swinging on the swings, or playing on the seesaw, and try to keep playing for as long as possible!

You can also turn your Play-a-Thon into a fundraiser by having participants pledge to jumprope, swing, or seesaw for a set amount of time in exchange for donations they collect from friends and family willing to sponsor their time.


Directional Post 

An improvement project idea from the Knight Foundation.

A directional post is a great way to put your playground on the map and teach kids how far away their neighborhood playground is from famous places. It's also a quick and easy project to bring color to your playground. 

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