August 19, 2010

Three easy ways to improve your playground

No matter how great your local playground is, there’s always room for improvement. Does it need a seating area? Could it use more plants? Is it missing your child’s artistic touch?

Take advantage of our Play Day program to improve your playground this September. While Play Days are, of course, first and foremost about playing, they also provide an opportunity to unite your community around tangible projects that will make your playground an even better place to play.

Here are a few ideas, courtesy of our Play Day partner, the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation:

  1. Build a bench. Benches offer parents a place to relax as they keep an eye on their kids and can also help parents meet one another.
  2. Create stepping stones. Children can be in charge of creating their own stepping stones, which will give them a sense of ownership over the playspace or garden where they end up.
  3. Landscape. Planting flowers is an easy way to beautify your local park or playground. Be sure to choose perennials so they come back for next year’s Play Day!

For more great improvement projects, check out the activity cards in our online Play Day planner. Remember, by incorporating an improvement project into your Play Day, you can become eligible for grants of up to $10,000 to further enhance your neighborhood playspace.

Haven’t started a Play Day yet? Register now!

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The KaBOOM! Play Day program is presented by Mott’s and made possible by the ongoing philanthropic support of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, as well as NFL PLAY 60. Operational support for the KaBOOM! Play Day program provided by National Environmental Education Foundation, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, and Marine Corps Community Services. Together with KaBOOM!, these organizations are working together to sign up thousands of communities to host events that support the importance of play in children’s lives.

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