January 22, 2010

Tell us: Why does play matter?

Happy Friday! Since I went on at length earlier this week about neighborhood design, today I'm turning the job of deep thinking over to you.

I (along with some other people here at KaBOOM!) want to know your thoughts on a very critical question...

Why does play matter?

Danielle summed it up best in her post on the message boards:

During a longer than usual commute into work (and they can be long) I asked myself just that question.

I know on some level I have always believed in the value of play…even if only subconsciously. However, I would have scoffed at anyone that would have suggested that I would be making a career out of it years later. It is difficult for me to call to memory any one specific event that helped me realize the importance of play. Rather it is a collection of life long experiences both positive and negative, which have led me to become a more active supporter of play.

If understanding my own personal motivation has been such as challenge I am ill-equipped at best to understand what motivates others to take a stand for play.

So to the KaBOOM! community I must ask you “What is it about play that drives you to serve as an advocate of play, to organize Play Days, blog about play, or in some cases change careers?”

Head on over and toss in your two cents!