July 30, 2009

Some super useful tips for kaboom.org users

Whether you're new to the kaboom.org community or have been around for ages, these handy tips will help you navigate the site and use our tools better! Got questions? Click the appropriate link and post them there.

A quick guide to the Build and Play Day Planner
Learn some basic how-to's, tips and tricks. You can also check out this great video, which provides an overview of the Project Planner's features.

Play Day: Step-by-Step Sign-Up Instructions
Want to host a Play Day? The Amazing MJ (AKA "The Wonder Intern") spells out the sign-up process for you, step by step, with screenshots.

KaBOOM! Community Update: The "Where the heck is all my stuff?" Edition
Those of you who have been around for awhile may have noticed some changes on the website over the past couple of months. This post describes what's happened and how it affects you, your profile, your media, your friendships, and more.

KaBOOM! Community Update: Some New Features Edition
Learn about some shiny new features added to kaboom.org over the past few weeks.


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