June 20, 2012 Kerala Taylor

Sidewalk chalk hearts are offensive because...?

“You have to be kidding me.” According to CBS Denver, this was mother Sarah Cohen’s initial reaction when she learned that her neighborhood HOA is trying to ban sidewalk chalk art—and it’s ours, too.

Cohen’s 3-year-old, Emerson, has inadvertently ticked off some of her neighbors, who contend that her chalk drawings of flowers and hearts violate HOA rules because they “offend, disturb, or interfere with the peaceful enjoyment” of their shared space.

Emerson is also using the chalk to learn how to spell her name. The nerve!

Why a child’s whimsical chalk art would disturb anyone’s "peaceful enjoyment" of gray asphalt is simply beyond us. As residents of the Denver neighborhood duke it out in an upcoming meeting, we hope that a child’s right to play will trump an adult’s right to enjoy his asphalt unblemished.

Avert your eyes! This chalk heart is out to disturb your peace!

Photo by stevendepolo.

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