August 09, 2010

Share your favorite game ideas

Create Your Own GameIt’s time to get your creative juices flowing. Add a personal touch to your Play Day with our “Create Your Own Game” activity cards. This is a chance to share your favorite game – a game from your childhood, a game that your kids play, or a game you invented from scratch. As added incentive, your great game idea could be published in a book of children’s games, to be released next year by Candlewick Press.

You can also create your own improvement projects for your local park or playground. Share your best ideas, and we may include your game and/or improvement project in next year’s Play Day activity cards.

Last year, organizers of the Noche de Divercion Play Day in Dallas, Texas created "Life-Size Board Games," and now we’re sharing this inspiring idea with all of our Play Day organizers. This year, the Noche de Divercion promises to yet again be filled with innovative, playful activities. Organizers recently finished painting Capri Sun boxes to create a set of enormous dominoes:

Noche de Divercion Noche de Divercion

Says Damaris, one of the organizers, “We are [also] collecting bread wrappers to make kites and large cardboard boxes to make a giant maze for the kids to climb around in.”

Now it’s your turn! What unique games and activities do you have to share? If you have already registered your Play Day, choose a “Create Your Own” activity card by simply clicking on the image, as you would do with any other card. Then, print out the card and write out the instructions to share in your Scrapbook. Or, you can just write a text post in your Scrapbook.

If you haven't registered your Play Day yet, don't delay!

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