March 04, 2010

Scientists say: Let the kids out of the classroom!

Bored boy in classroomIt’s no surprise to us that kids need recess, but we're fans of scientific studies that back up what we see as plain common sense. As the lead researcher in the “School Recess and Group Classroom Behavior” study, Dr. Romania M. Barros, told The New York Times:

“Sometimes you need data published for people at the educational level to start believing [recess] has an impact. We should understand that kids need that break because the brain needs that break.”

Thirty percent of the 11,000 children surveyed, ages 8 and 9, had little or no daily recess. Those who had more than 15 minutes of recess were generally better behaved in class. And 15 minutes isn’t nearly enough, according to First Lady Michelle Obama, whose Let’s Move campaign advocates for at least 60 minutes of play daily.

If we can’t convince schools to bring recess back to our children, we hope the scientists can!

Read more about Dr. Barros' study.

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