March 04, 2009

President requests increase in park funding

According to news reports, President Barack Obama's proposed 2010 budget includes an additional $100 million to the national parks' operations and maintenance budget and $25 million to leverage private donations for national park projects.

The National Parks Conservation Association sent a statement Feb. 27 that said:

"The president's budget proposal includes an increase of $100 million plus inflation to operate and maintain our national parks, funds the parks' public-private partnership program, and offers a solid commitment to fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund, which would help to prevent inappropriate development inside national parks.

We applaud the president for proposing $130 million for land management agencies, including the National Park Service, to assess and respond to the effect of global warming on wildlife. America's National Park System is the wellspring of America's wildlife. Sustaining healthy fish and wildlife populations in our national parks requires unspoiled parkland and water habitat, migration and movement corridors, and healthy adjacent lands."

What are your thoughts? Park and rec officials, how does this budget request affect your work?

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