April 01, 2008

Poem to commemorate Cesar Chavez Day

In Memory of Cesar Chavez
Born March 31, 1927 died April 22, 1993
By Loretta Martinez Williams
President, Tejano Association for Historical Preservation
Houston, Tex.

I was wet with the morning dew,
I was wet with poison too.
DDT had fallen from the sky,
I was so small, I didn't ask why.
We lived on their land,
And worked with our hands.
We existed from their store,
Worked ‘til we weren't needed anymore.
We then went on unto our next stop,
So tired at night into our shack we'd drop.
With a hoe and a shovel,
We had yet to overcome our trouble.
It wasn't easy living a life like this,
And it's the loss of our life that we are amiss.
You sacrificed yourself,
In order to seek help,
Trying to change the old way of life,
Helping us to overcome our strife.
Non violently struggling for our rights,
Answering the call and our guiding light.
Steadfast and bringing attention to our plight.
You would become the victor of our rights,
And yet you weren't with us for very long,
But in your time you helped us to become strong.
¡La Huelga, si se mueve!
¡Si se puede! ¡Si se puede!
These words we remember when we think of you,
Our loyalty and trust eternally true.

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