April 10, 2009

Playmaker Cynthia Gentry publishes op/ed on park funding cuts

Playmaker extraordinaire Cynthia Gentry just got an amazing op/ed published on the cuts to Atlanta's parks and recreation funding. Here's a snippet:

Just when we most need an escape from the pressures of life in 2009, Atlanta’s parks are getting hammered with budget cuts. Recreation centers and programs are being shut down, maintenance programs that directly affect park safety are being cut back, much-needed playgrounds aren’t getting built and our children and families will suffer because of it all. People wrongly think that play is a luxury and a low priority in times like these. It must be that old Puritan work ethic. But, the truth is that in this time of enormous stress, the opportunity to play in and make full use of our city’s limited park space is more important than ever. It’s as simple as this: parks + play = healthier children (and grownups, too).

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