August 06, 2009

Play Days: Green Thumb Edition

Are you a gardener or a gardener wanna-be? A green thumb just looking for a place to blossom? Why not put your green thumb to good use by hosting a garden-themed Play Day Sept. 19 -27?

Dirt is an essential ingredient to a happy, healthy childhood (and adulthood, too!). Play and gardening are a natural combination (pun intended)!

Here are just a few ideas for a gardening-focused Play Day:

  • Host a community garden weed-a-thon and kids' gardening day to celebrate the tiny gardeners in your area
  • Spruce up a local playground with a garden or planters to beautify the area and add some natural elements
  • Host a native plant sale with proceeds going to a local play-related or kids-gardening-related project
  • Have a “Dirtfest ‘09”! Invite local 4-H chapters or nature center staff to lead dirt-themed activities, let kids plant seeds, and set up a digging station (where kids dig for hidden trinkets). Round out the day with gummy worm snacks or making earthworm-themed crafts!
  • Celebrate play across the lifespan! Do a service project at an assisted-living center. Have kids and families work with residents and staff to create a garden or maintain an existing one.

Get started today, and show your community that you dig play! Our Play Day Planner will walk you through the steps of planning a successful event in your community. Happy gardening for play!

Bethe Almeras writes The Grass Stain Guru, a blog about restoring childhood, and saving ourselves in the process. She is the DIY Online Community/Communications Manager for KaBOOM!.

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