July 01, 2010

The Park-A-Day KaBOOM! Summer Challenge!

Tracey Quinn, a KaBOOM! Facebook Fan, issued a challenge to her kids last summer: Find a new park every day. When she wrote to tell us about it, the gears started turning. How great would it be if we could find other parents to do the same thing with their children this summer, in cities and towns across the country?

Now we are excited to announce our first-ever Park-A-Day KaBOOM! Summer Challenge! We have selected a handful of brave parents to participate. Starting today, we are asking them to:

Mostly, we hope our Park-A-Day Summer Challenge will be a lot of fun. We also hope to:

  • Highlight and draw attention to the importance of outdoor playspaces, especially in a year when budget deficits are forcing hundreds of parks to close across the country.
  • Inspire other parents and kids to get outside, play, and explore this summer.
  • Create a comprehensive map of playspaces in our challengers' hometowns and inspire parents in other towns and cities to do the same.

Without further adieu, please join us in welcoming our 2010 challengers!

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