January 05, 2009

Parents request fences around school playgrounds

By Kristen Ross
KBTX (Bryan/College Station, Texas)
Jan. 2, 2008

It's a problem that was brought to light a few months ago, some local school playgrounds are not fenced in.

You may remember a four-year-old was able to wander away from a College Station Elementary School in November, and the incident is now raising awareness about a lapse in school security.

School officials say they've made an on-going effort the last several years to get all elementary school playgrounds enclosed with fences. But unfortunately, both Rock Prairie Elementary and Pebble Creek Elementary have yet to be added to that list, and recent incidents have reminded several College Station parents of the safety issue at hand.

It's a busy road just a few feet away from where children play, that's beginning to cause quite some concern.

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