June 01, 2010

From our CEO: Transforming our streets

How can we get children outside playing now? This is the question that our CEO Darell Hammond poses in light of the Center for Disease Control's recent findings that only one in five households has a park or playground within a half-mile. While we at KaBOOM! are working as hard as we can to remedy this, what can children do in the meantime? In his Huffington Post blog, Darell points out,

The problem isn't necessarily a lack of space, but how we use it. Sure, every child loves a swing set, but many children are just as happy with a swath of pavement and some chalk. Streets are one thing that cities and suburbs have no shortage of. We just have to find a way to re-imagine them as communal domains, where cars don't reign supreme.

He goes on to outline five amazingly simple and cost-effective intiatives to transform our streets into spaces for communities to gather, for residents to exercise, and of course, for children to play. They are all initiatives that you and your community can act on now. Learn more here.

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