February 07, 2011

From our CEO: Is the Tiger Mom right?

Last month, Amy Chua precipitated a raging controversy over the "tiger mom" approach to parenting when her article, entitled "Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior" appeared in the Wall Street Journal. The article posed the question, "Can a regimen of no playdates, no TV, no computer games and hours of music practice create happy kids?"

We would be inclined to say "no" to this question, but as our CEO Darell Hammond points out in his most recent Huffington Post blog, Western parents may very well benefit from taking a page from Ms. Chua's book. He says:

As someone who advocates for unstructured, creative, child-directed play, I would expect to roundly denounce a mother whose strict regimen left her children little, if any time, for free play. Clearly, we have some differences of opinion. But that said, in an age of helicopter parents and bubble-wrapped kids, I find some aspects of the tiger mom approach refreshing.

And yet, here's one shortfall that tiger moms and helicopter moms share:

Both have a tendency to constantly hover and continually micro-manage their children's lives. The motives may be different -- a tiger mom hovers to push her kids to excel, while a helicopter mom hovers to protect them from all the world's dangers.

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