September 13, 2010

From our CEO: How to save recess

A concerned parent recently emailed KaBOOM! to express her utter shock upon discovering that her son's new school has no recess. And sadly, it's not the only one. Parents across the country are learning that their children's recess periods have either been drastically scaled back or slashed altogether.

While some administrators seem to think that it's acceptable to deprive students of the only time they have during the school day to engage in unstructured free play, parents are up in arms. They intuitively sense of the importance of giving their kids a break and are stunned that school officials seem to lack such common sense.

In his recent Huffington Post piece, Don't Let Recess Die! Six Ways to Save Recess at Your Child's School, our CEO Darell Hammond asserts:

Increased emphasis on high-stakes testing is often to blame, despite overwhelming evidence that more physical activity actually increases focus inside the classroom and can lead to higher test scores. The fact is, a school day with no play isn't going to make your child smarter, and not only that, it's dangerous to your child's health.

He provides tools and resources that concerned parents can use to lengthen or reinstate their child's recess period. If you are one of these parents, don't just wring your hands. It's time to take action!

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