August 30, 2010

From our CEO: How mayors can save play

Last week, we proudly announced our 2010 Playful City USA communities -- 118 towns and cities that have demonstrated a commitment to play. But what exactly does it mean to be a playful city? In his Huffington Post piece, How (And Why) City Mayors Should Promote Play, our CEO Darell Hammond highlights mayors who have worked with communities, police departments, school districts, and other sectors to help save play in their cities.

As Darell points out, while the fight to save play can be advanced on many fronts, cities play a pivotal role. He asserts:

Some of the most innovative and effective undertakings come from towns and cities, which are uniquely positioned to bridge grassroots and government action. With a committed mayor, a robust Park and Recreation department, and mobilized residents, it's amazing what cities can accomplish when it comes to promoting active lifestyles, increasing outdoor play opportunities, and strengthening neighborhoods.

Visit his blog to read about four creative and cost-effective city initiatives to improve and increase playspaces.

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