November 01, 2010

From our CEO: Is bullying getting worse?

Darell Hammond, CEO of KaBOOM!Bullying is tough to measure, but by many accounts it seems to be getting worse. In his latest Huffington Post piece, "Is Bullying Getting Worse? Four Preventative Actions for Parents & Schools," our CEO and co-founder Darell Hammond explores how bullying has evolved in recent years and how these trends may be linked to our country's growing play deficit.

Darell says:

One theory is that the effects of cyber-bullying on older kids are "trickling down" to the younger grades. Possibly, but I would make a different argument: The effects of the play deficit on younger kids are trickling up.

He goes on to discuss research that links the development of empathy and self-control to play, particularly rough-and-tumble play and sociodramatic play (i.e. playing "house"). Darell says, "While I doubt that more play will singlehandedly 'solve' the problem of bullying once and for all, it's an essential step."

For his recommendations on how to curb bullying by incorporating more play into our children's lives, read the full post here.

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