April 05, 2010

From our CEO: Adults need to play, too!

Do you get to play at work? If not, here's an argument to make to your boss, courtesy of KaBOOM! CEO, Darell Hammond. In his Huffington Post blog, he contends that setting aside "play time" for employees boosts creativity, productivity and morale.

In his words,

KaBOOM! employees report returning from "play time" feeling refreshed, invigorated and more productive—just as kids feel after recess, research suggests. They also say that play helps to deepen their sense of connection to their coworkers and increases workplace cohesion by temporarily flattening hierarchies.

In fact, in our increasingly work-oriented culture, opportunities for play are eroding for adults just as they are for children. But we don't have to think of "work" and "play" as mutually exclusive—read the full post to learn more.

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