March 10, 2010

Orlando Magic pitches in for its fourth build

Orlando Magic players Dwight Howard (pictured at left), Brandon Bass, and Jason Williams are showing their commitment to play today, and this time it’s not on a basketball court. They and other Orlando Magic staff are pitching in, along with over 300 community volunteers, to build a brand-new playground in Kissimmee, Fla.

This is the fourth time that the Orlando Magic has partnered with KaBOOM! to advocate for play and to help strengthen a local community.

The new playground is replacing an outdated one at the Oak Street Park Community Center, which serves about 4,000 kids in the Kissimmee area. Today’s build represents a joint effort between the Orlando Magic, the City of Kissimmee, Community Vision, and KaBOOM!. Join us in thanking our incredible partners and volunteers for their sweat and hard work! If all goes according to schedule, by 3 p.m. today, 4,000 kids will have a better place to play.

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