April 20, 2010

Once a jail, now a space shuttle

Police jailCops and robbers are out. Astronauts are in. At least that’s the case for children at the Brooklyn public housing complex that caused such a stir last month for its “jail playground.” According to NY1, the controversial panel that once depicted a jail now features a space shuttle instead.

In a previous blog post addressing the jail theme, Danielle Marshall, KaBOOM! Manager of Training and Education, said, “I am disturbed by the idea that a playground set in a public housing complex in New York City would feature a ‘pretend jail’ as part of its playscape.” Some rigorously agreed; others thought the concerns were blown out of proportion.

However, the new space shuttle panel doesn’t address Danielle’s broader concern, which was, as she put it, “adults imposing play themes on children.” She went on to say, “While a ‘pretend castle’ may not have inspired the same controversy, it would have equally stunted the children's ability to choose their own imaginary environment.”

We continue to support this point of view. But, if we had to choose an imaginary environment for these children, stars are better than bars.

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