October 14, 2009

October is NeighborWoods Month!

NeighborWoodsAll around the country, in rural communities and big cities alike, special events and activities ranging from tree plantings to street festivals to youth programs this month will help "re-green" communities and educate people about the value of trees.

Created by the Alliance for Community Trees (ACT) and sponsored by The Home Depot Foundation, the event was organized to support local tree-planting organizations and their efforts to be a catalyst in making neighborhoods healthier, safer and more livable.

“National NeighborWoods Month offers a unique opportunity for people to understand the contributions of trees to the health, beauty and livability of their communities,” said Kelly Caffarelli, executive director of The Home Depot Foundation.  “By partnering with ACT and local NeighborWoods organizations like [insert name of local organization], The Foundation is able to further its goals of investing in the overall health and success of our communities.”

Register your event, find an event near you, and learn more at the NeighborWoods Month website.

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