April 03, 2008

By the numbers: Cesar Chavez Builds

Number of volunteers who came together in nine communities across the beautiful state of California to complete Prep Day 1 for the March 29 builds.

Number of holes that were dug for playground equipment, new fencing, community gardens and other play enhancement projects (77 holes were dug by hand) for the March 29 builds.

Pounds (that's 136 tons!) of concrete that were delivered to the nine sites across the state for the March 29 builds.

Cubic yards of Engineered Wood Fiber that were delivered to eight sites for the March 29 builds. (That's 23 semi trailers of mulch!)

Number of "Core Values Signs" that were installed at nine sites on March 29.

Number of murals painted, using 198 quarts and 64 gallons of paint between nine sites on March 29.

Number of complete playgrounds that were created (plus one skatepark, which makes eight), which include:

  • 1 half pipe
  • 16 bridges
  • 34 slides
  • 7 crawl tubes
  • 11 bays of swings
  • 2 tire swings
  • 18 overhead events like monkey bars
  • 2 see saws
  • 1 Play Web
  • 1 Bernie the Bus
  • 1 train

Number of adults who volunteered on Build Days on March 19 and 29

Kids who helped out on the Build Days through children's activities.

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