August 02, 2008

Nonprofit links district and corporate sponsor

By Alan Schnepf
Aug. 2, 2008

LAKESIDE – There's more than strength in numbers. There's also speed.

About 250 people in Lakeside proved that Thursday when they built the city's newest playground in less than a day.

The group showed up at Lindo Park Elementary School on Thursday morning to build the 3,400-square-foot playground and finished it the same afternoon.

Among the volunteers was Damon Johnson, a produce clerk at an Albertsons in Vista. Johnson had the day off and decided to help. He brought along his wife and son, who will soon be leaving for college.

"It's about going out and doing something physical," Johnson said. "I can go out and donate money, but this? I'm a part of it, a part of the blood, sweat and tears." [Read more]

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