January 29, 2009

NFL stars help build playground

I love stories like this. It's so great seeing celebrities doing good, especially NFL starts during the week preceding the Super Bowl! Post your thoughts in the comments.

Witten named Home Depot NFL Neighborhood MVP
By Keith Schleiden
Pro Football Weekly
Jan. 28, 2009

Drills were buzzing and hammers swinging. Mulch was carted here and there in wheelbarrows. Concrete pavers were laid. Benches were built, signs were painted and playground equipment erected.

A hectic scene to be sure, but no jaded construction workers could be found on this work site. Instead, more than 100 volunteers — adults and children alike — happily worked together in 80-degree weather to improve a Tampa neighborhood by transforming an empty lot into a brand-new community playground.

Unique to this playground build, though, was the presence of seven high-profile NFL players, who got down and dirty next to the rest of the workers, as part of an event staged by The Home Depot, the NFL and KaBOOM, which is a national nonprofit organization that empowers communities to build playgrounds.

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