March 25, 2009

New book examines the importance of play in tough economy

"Play: How It Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination and Invigorates the Soul," recently reviewed in USA Today, warns of the consequences of a life without play. These consequences include "[a] life of rigidity, lacking in creativity. A life without joy, minus sustained pleasure. The opposite of play isn't work, [the author says], but depression."

The author, Stuart Brown, emphasizes the importance of play, particularly in strained economic times. "If we're going to adapt to changing economic and personal circumstances the way that nature armed us to do, then we have to find ourselves having some play time virtually every day," Brown says.

I think this is very true but sometimes a challenge to pull off. The more stressed we are, the less time we have for leisure pursuits, yet the more important they are to prioritize. How do you balance work and play, particularly in these economic times?

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