October 13, 2009

Mayor of Playful City shares best practices

NLCIn a session on "Healthy Communities and the Built Environment," attendees at the National League of Cities Youth, Education, and Families (NLC – YEF) biennial summit in Boston, Mass. this weekend learned about programs like Shape Up Sommerville and Safe Routes to School, and heard from St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Baker.

St. Petersburg is a 2009 Playful City USA community.

Baker shared his programmatic vision for his Play 'N' Close to Home initiative, which has increased the number of St. Petersburg kids that have a playspace within half a mile of their home from 41 percent to an expected nearly 80 percent by the end of this year. "We had a playground six blocks away, and I realized my job as mayor was that everyone should have one within half a mile," said Baker at the event.

You can learn more about  this and other exciting initiatives in our new report, Play Matters.

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