May 12, 2010

Marcia Cross gets playful with KaBOOM! & Mott's

Marcia CrossLike most nonprofits, we at KaBOOM! love talking about our cause. But we love it even more when celebrities do the job for us. That’s exactly what Desperate Housewives actress Marcia Cross is busy doing as part of her partnership with Mott's, the nation's largest apple sauce and apple juice brand.

Cross is partnering with Mott’s and KaBOOM! to launch the nationwide program, KaBOOM! Play Days presented by Mott's. The program challenges communities across the country to host events that get kids playing outside. During the third week in September, neighbors gather to play games and fix up their local parks and playgrounds.

“As a mother, sometimes you have to sneak in things that are good for your kids – like vegetables and exercise,” says Cross. That’s why she’s a spokesperson for Mott’s new Medleys Juices and why she is advocating for outdoor play as a way to incorporate exercise into kids’ daily lives.

Starting today, Cross will spread the news about the partnership between Mott's and KaBOOM! Here she is on Good Day NY:

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