February 02, 2009

Man builds park in a day in South Africa

It's always cool to see people take matters into their own hands and build something great for the community. We see it happen a lot at KaBOOM!, but it never gets old. Here's someone who decided to build a park where there once was just "rubbish" and no place for kids to play...and it sounds like a really cool park, too.

Today, the "Diepkloof Xtreme Park" is a grassy expanse with fountains, a soccer field, still-spindly trees and a permanent, large-screen television that broadcasts children's educational programs each afternoon and soccer matches on weekends. Before school let out on a recent afternoon, adults picnicked and snoozed in the shade of the park's trees as workers trimmed the grass and emptied trash bins.

You can read the whole article here.


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