March 05, 2009

KOOL-AID grant leads to super playground build!

On Jan. 10, the community of M.D. Anderson Family YMCA of Houston, Texas, recipients of a grant from KOOL-AID and KaBOOM!, came together to build a new playground! 108 volunteers from the community and staff came out for Build Day and were anxious to start, but bad weather was brewing. Thankfully, as soon as they finished their safety orientation during the kick off, they opened the doors to head outside and the weather cleared up!

The rest of the day turned out to be beautiful, and set the stage for all the work the community accomplished. They built a beautiful playground that serves 76 children on a weekly basis. A huge success during the project was being able to add space for different age groups in their playspace and watching the staff and volunteers come together to complete the project they had been working so hard on. They shared their gratitude with KaBOOM! on helping them through the process and the KOOL-AID We Play! training they attended last summer.

Congrats to the M.D. Anderson Family YMCA, and thanks to Amanda for passing along this wonderful story!

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