June 06, 2011

Kids at Imagine Southeast Charter School help us design our 2000th playground

Next week, on June 15, we will be celebrating 15 years and 2,000 playgrounds at Imagine Southeast Public Charter School in our hometown of Washington DC! Our 2000th build will represent the collective effort of over one million volunteers, who have contributed their time and sweat to give 5,501,334 children a great place to play.

Anyone familiar with our community-build model knows that for each playground we help build, we kick off the planning process by holding a Design Day. This event has one main goal: to elicit design input from the kids who will actually use the new playground. Design Day is a time for kids to dream beyond the horizon, flex their creativity, and have an immediate, tangible impact on the course of the project. 

What will our 2,000th playground look like? Here are some of our favorite designs:





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