November 26, 2009

Kids give thanks for play: #4

TurkeyHappy Turkey Day!

Today, Americans will gather to eat too much, watch football, and give thanks with their loved ones.

If you're lucky enough to have a place to play within walking distance of your home (which would put you in the minority), be sure to give thanks. And just for good measure, why not make an early New Year's resolution to help keep it clean this year?

Kids are often so thankful for the great new place to play that they promise to take good care of it. This is a great example of what a difference the community build model makes - when people are invested in their community gathering places, when they were part of the design and building process, they make a point to keep it up. Even kids understand that, like the kid who wrote this thank-you card, who promises not to "mess it up."

Thank you - front

Thank you- inside

Thank you - outside 2

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