November 23, 2011 Jason Cooper

KaBOOM! is on Tumblr

Introducing a whole new way to follow KaBOOM!-- the KaBOOM! Tumblr blog!

Tumblr is a super-easy way to blog photos, quotes, links, and much more. It’s an elegant and simple way to share things on the internet, but more importantly, it has produced a vibrant, fun, and often hilarious community of bloggers that has helped us discover stories about playgrounds we might not have found in other social networks.

The KaBOOM! Tumblr blog has been running since June. Take a look at some of our most popular and favorite posts, and if you are a Tumblr user, visit our page and follow us!

Corgie on a Swing

Cute dog in a swing - found on 9/30/2011

Bubble hearts mural

Bubble hearts mural on a basketball court - found on 9/13/2011

In this post, a fellow Tumblr blogger discovers that KaBOOM! is a real organization and not the elaborate prank as depcited on Parks and Recreation:

Pleading ignorance here that KaBOOM! was merely an "elaborate prank" disguised as a non-profit playground-building organization on NBC's 'Parks and Recreation.'  But not so, which makes it even more awesomesauce, to use an appropriate term of art. 

Quote found on 6/21/2011

Good use of imagination

Good use of imagination at the playground - found on 10/19/2011

Finally, one of our followers was kind enough to explain what this is:

Vintage playground equiment

There were all different colours of these "spinning eggs", I'm not sure what their actual name was, that was just what everyone called them as kids. It was basically a pole with a disc in the center which you grabbed and 'turned', though the actual 'egg' would turn, the pole was cemented into the ground. So you were basically turning this giant egg with you and another inside it, faster and faster. They were great fun but a rarity these days as they are deemed "too dangerous" for small children. Quite a shame really ): But hey - your Tumblr and organization is great! I love it! Glad I discovered you!

Found on 7/15/2011

You can see much, much more when you visit the KaBOOM! Tumblr blog!

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