January 13, 2009

KaBOOM! SuperPoke! makes it into the top 10!

We just received word from our friends at SuperPoke! that our KaBOOM! SuperPoke! is one of the top 10 actions chosen by SuperPoke! users. This means that over 5,000 people each day are “building a playground” with their Facebook friends!

Let’s keep the momentum going. If you’ve already “poked” your Facebook friends, do it again! Encourage all of your Facebook friends to pass it along to their friends.

If you haven’t “built a playground with” your Facebook friends, here’s how:

First, login to Facebook. Make sure you've added the SuperPoke application.

Then, go to the SuperPoke application.

Select the friends you want to poke (we recommend using the "select all" button!).

Then, select the "Causes" tab and choose "Build a playground with KaBOOM!".

Then click the big "SuperPoke Them!" button.

Once you’ve sent the SuperPoke to all of your friends, you’ll be taken to a page where you can donate your Facebook status to KaBOOM!, and recruit your friends to the cause of play with KaBOOM!.

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