January 15, 2009

KaBOOM! staffer visits "Eco-Playground" in New Orleans

Judy Lem, who manages executive communications and correspondence at KaBOOM!, recently visited the "Eco-Playground" in New Orleans' Lower 9th Ward.

"What I saw was an area that's still in pretty rough condition and in great need of healthy, sustainable community development," she said. "In my opinion, the MIR development will definitely breathe some life into the area and bring much-needed community back to the residents."

She notes that "The playground itself is relatively small, but has many great features that aim to teach kids about sustainability and the local environment. It has two electronic structures that are solar-powered (they weren’t functional during my visit, since they were undergoing some maintenance), as well as areas that highlight the local foliage."

You can learn more and chat with Judy about the playground in the Forums. You can also find some great photos of the playspace in the KaBOOM! Playspace Finder. Check it out!

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