October 21, 2009

KaBOOM! Project Planner has new features!

The KaBOOM! web team has been working hard to make our tools better and more useful every day, and we've just replaced some gears and put a fresh coat of paint on our Project Planner, which was released this past spring.

For those who are new to the site, the Project Planner steps you through the process of building a playspace and gives you a mini website for your project where you can chat with your team and share files and photos.

A lot of the changes we've made are "under the hood" changes that'll make pages load faster and eliminate some bugs reported by helpful users. But some of the things you'll notice include:

  • We've tweaked our login and join processes across the site to be more intuitive.
  • Discussions display better - the full post text and comments now show on the main Discussions page instead of forcing you to "read more" on each post.
  • Uploaded photos will line up "gallery style" instead of vertically, will resize automatically and will load faster when someone looks at your photos page.
  • The "instructions" boxes on the Mile Markers are easier to open and close and are easier to read.

If you haven't been to the Project Planner in awhile, head on over and take a look. Thanks to all the helpful users who pointed out bugs and to everyone who's helping to make this tool as awesome as it can be! Look for more improvements in the coming weeks.

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