May 13, 2009

KaBOOM! profiled in the Washington Times

The Washington Times did a great profile piece on KaBOOM! May 13. Here's a snippet:

Mr. Hammond, 38, was inspired to start KaBOOM! when he heard a news story about two District youngsters who suffocated while playing in the trunk of a car. He thought back to his own childhood, part of which was spent in a children's home in Illinois after his mother became incapable of taking care of him and his seven siblings.

"Those kids [who suffocated] didn't have a place to play within two miles," he says. "I grew up in a group home where people supported me, and I had great memories of the playground there. I spent a lot of time on the swings. I felt I had an obligation to support others."

Continue reading: KaBOOM! creates playgrounds, promotes fun


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