November 25, 2008

KaBOOM! playground build a blast in Central City

by Greg LaRose
New Orleans City Business
Nov. 24, 2008

It was a crisp Saturday morning, probably the coolest yet in New Orleans this autumn. Ordinarily, I would have joined most of the city in staying bundled up in bed, but there was a good reason to set the alarm early Nov. 15.

KaBoom, the nonprofit that’s built more than 1,500 playgrounds across the country, was back in the city to upgrade the recreational facilities at KIPP Central City Academy and Primary schools — its 114th playground build in New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina.

To call this an upgrade is an understatement. What the nearly 200 students at the combined KIPP campus called a playground was little more than a rough patch of asphalt and a few portable basketball goals. If you aren’t familiar with KIPP school standards, do some research. You’ll quickly learn that everyone, from KIPP students to teachers and administrators, demands and deserves a higher standard.

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