May 21, 2008

KaBOOM! featured in May/June 2008 Playground Magazine

From Design to Build
KaBOOM! Style

by Shannon Amy Stockwell
Playground Magazine
May/June 2008 issue

ENTER THE WORLD of KaBOOM!, and you will be introduced to a very unique place. In fact, it might be well termed as one of the most playful places on earth. This organization was created after Darell Hammond heard about the death of two children who had been playing in a car, as there was no other place for them to play. Hammond and friend Dawn Hutchison then decided to do whatever they could to provide a safe play place within walking distance of every child in the United States. So began the set up of the first office, in the back of the Comet Deli in Washington D.C. in 1995, and what a great idea that was. This organization has grown and touched so many lives since then with its playful spirit.

Everything and everyone from staff down to the atmosphere of the office speaks "play." It is a brightly colored place, with a foosball table in the break room, and other playful details such as a very colorful and fun mural of children playing on one wall. There's nothing stuffy about this place where play is created. As you walk through the halls of its office, one of the fi rst things you'll find are things to play with, including a swing and slide in the foyer. Working your way back you'll find the "Values of Play" depicted on its walls by photos of children at play.

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