August 24, 2009

KaBOOM! CEO profiled in Washington Examiner

Darell HammondThis past weekend, one of D.C.’s local papers, the Washington Examiner, did a profile piece on our CEO, Darell Hammond. The piece was a part of their regular “Credo” page, which is dedicated to D.C. residents whose passion and dedication to a particular cause or subject has made an impact.

Here's a quote from the piece, in which Darell explains why play is important:

"There’s no doubt we’ve become a society that regards play as a luxury. But child-directed play and imagination and creativity are really important, and it sets a foundation for younger kids. It makes them want to read, and want to problem-solve, and want to negotiate with their peers. I think we’re pushing kids to grow up more quickly than we need or want them to, and we should be allowing them more child-directed activities and more places to be kids."

You can read the full story here (Washington Examiner).

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