July 24, 2009

KaBOOM! CEO Darell Hammond featured in Huffington Post

Darell Hammond, CEO of KaBOOM!, has a guest column featured in the Huffington Post today called "Play Deprivation: 5 Solutions to a Weighty Problem."

"Go outside and play," was once a very common phrase used in America, but those days have gone. In today's society, children spend 50% less time outside than they did just 20 years ago. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, kids are spending 6.5 hours a day with electronic media -- making the sofa or desk chair their favorite place "to play."

This new American childhood is taking its toll on the health, well-being, and happiness of our children. Play is essential to the proper development, socialization, and physical, emotional, and mental health of children. Without ample time for play, all of these areas are negatively impacted.

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