February 09, 2010

KaBOOM! CEO blogs about play in the Snowpocalypse

Darell HammondKaBOOM! CEO Darell Hammond blogged in the Huffington Post this week on how the DC area's recent weather woes have given residents both young and old an excuse to get out and play! Here's a snippet:

"A bit further north in Silver Spring, Md., just outside the Washington city limits, we once again saw residents - many of whom experienced power outages - venturing out to have a little fun. From every vantage point, you could see students, couples and young families building forts, sledding, throwing snow, eating snow, snowboarding and playing with the neighborhood kids. You could even see kids trying to use the playground equipment in some very new ways. It turns out three feet of snow makes for excellent safety surfacing! The snow, despite its debilitating hit to most city services, gave us the chance to experience the city in a whole new way, allowing us to run and jump and swing and take over the streets to play."

Read the full blog post here: Washington's "Snowmageddon" Prompts Play in Unlikely Places (Huffington Post)

I've climbed my share of snow mountains – they're too tall to just be "banks" anymore – and flung a few snowballs recently! Do you have any Snowmageddon (or similar) play stories?

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