January 12, 2011

Join the recess revolution!

Exasperated parents are taking a stand: We want recess for our kids! Whether or not your child's school has recess, we invite you to join the fight to ensure that all children get a chance during their school day to unwind, run around, and play.

Meg Rosker, a Florida parent who was recently featured in The New York Times and who has been featured previously on this blog, has started a petition to reinstate recess in Pinellas County schools. And parents in Montgomery County, Md. are campaigning for outdoor recess during winter, protesting a rule that children must stay inside when the temperature is 32 degrees or less, or when there's snow on the ground.

Hats off to these parents who are taking matters into their own hands--we hope others are inspired to follow their lead. For further inspiration, a segment today on Good Morning America encourages parents whose kids are being deprived of recess to "talk to your school districts, and bring them data, like that bringing back recess actually increases teacher time in the classroom because they spend less time breaking up fights and breaking up disruptive behavior."

The show also mentions Playworks, showcasing the great work they are doing to ensure that all kids engage in safe, healthy and inclusive play during recess. Watch the full segment here:

Guest blogger Leslie Morgan Steiner asked over the summer, "Do we need a recess revolution?" The answer is a resounding YES! Start by signing the petitions for recess in Florida and Maryland counties, and then see what you can do in your own school district.

To get started, check out, "Six Ways to Save Recess at Your Child's School." 

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