May 10, 2010

Inspiration Monday: Preschool in the forest

One thing that preschool teachers at Cedarsong Nature School don't say much is, "Use your indoor voices." That's because their students are never indoors. Rain or shine, this preschool program in Vashon, Wash. takes place entirely outside, drawing from German educator Friedrich Fröbel's belief that young kids should spend most of their time playing in nature.

Fröbel founded the first Waldkindergärten, or "forest kindergarten" 150 years ago, and about 700 exist in Germany today. Cedarsong is one of just a handful in the United States.

So what do the kids actually do? A typcial day consists of:

"... running through the forest, discovering and decorating hide-outs, making dreamcatchers and musical instruments, creating magic wands and magic potions, learning about the plants, creating a unique nature journal, playing make believe, making up forest songs and dances, and telling stories around a campfire."

We at KaBOOM! are of course huge fans of kids playing outside, and Cedarsong takes it to a whole new level. See the preschool in action:

Learn more about Cedarsong Nature School.

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