June 21, 2010

Inspiration Monday: A funky indoor forest

Funky ForestWe're big on kids playing outdoors. We're not too big on kids sitting on couches and staring at screens. That said, we're not automatically opposed to indoor play, nor are we necessarily opposed to kids interacting with technology. Funky Forest is a perfect case in point.

Created by artists Theodore Watson and Emily Gobeille, Funky Forest is a wild, living ecosystem--indoors. Moomah, the New York City playspace that hosts Funky Forest, describes it this way: 

As children explore and play, they discover that the environment is inhabited by a variety of sonic life forms and creatures who appear and disappear depending on the health of the forest. These creatures also go through a metamorphosis as the seasons change... Funky Forest is a highly collaborative environment designed to support, not direct, your child’s attention. It is an open and dynamic system, providing an opportunity for play and experimentation.

It's hard to really understand Funky Forest without seeing it for yourself:

Learn more about Moomah and Funky Forest.