December 21, 2009

Inspiration Monday: Brill Field Park

After a rough weekend of snowstorms here in Washington, I know I could use some inspiration, and I bet you could, too! So here's our next installment of Inspiration Monday.

The folks of the Houghs Neck Community Council in Quincy, Mass. built such an amazing playground, kids who never asked to go to the park before are begging their parents to go to it! The playground build, which happened Oct. 15, was funded by The Home Depot. The project has gotten tremendous press, and everyone keeps asking "What's next?" and how they can get involved. 

You can see some great pics from their Design Day here and from their Build Day here.

Eager to keep the momentum, the council is already working on raising money to replace another playground nearby that needs some TLC. They're looking at adding tot swings and a tire swing, among other things, and they already have $8,000 set aside to start fundraising for it.

The project has even inspired a neighboring community to take action. They've started a civic organization based on Quincy's success!

It's amazing to see things like this happen following a playground build. If you've got an inspiring story like this one, feel free to share it in the comments!

"Inspiration Monday" is a new, regular KaBOOM! blog feature written by Dave Flanigan, director of operations for the KaBOOM! Project Management team.

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